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Do You Know the 9 Top Exercises for Men

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You’ve probably heard it before – to get the maximum out of your workout you need to switch it up every 4 – 6 weeks, otherwise you are likely to find yourself plateau. Great, you can change it up but with so many exercises out there how do you know which are going to give you the maximum benefits. Let’s be honest – it can be frustrating to find you’ve chosen wrong and you are seeing little to no benefit for all your hard work. Let’s look at the 9 top exercises for men. How you use them is entirely up to you. Mix them in your existing workout or just enjoy these 10 exercises. You will love the payoff.Biceps workout

#1 Core – The ½ Kneeling Rotating Cable Chop

This exercise builds stability

  1. Head on over to the cable station
  2. Add the rope
  3. Kneel on your right knee with your left side facing the machine
  4. As you pull the rope past your right hip rotate
  5. Switch sides
  6. Repeat 5 reps working up to 10 reps

#2 Shoulders – The ½ Kneeling Single Arm Bottoms Up Kettle-Bell Press

This exercise builds shoulder stability

  1. Take a kettle-bell and hold it in your left hand in front of your shoulder
  2. Take your right foot and step forward
  3. Kneel on your left knee
  4. Press the bell overhead 5 times
  5. Stand up
  6. Switch sides and repeat
  7. Work your way up to 10 times

#3 Biceps – The Incline Dumbbell Curl

  1. Lie on the incline bench
  2. The weights should hang at arm’s length with your palms forward
  3. Curl the weights
  4. Pause for 5 seconds then lower halfway
  5. Pause for 5 seconds and finish lowering
  6. Repeat 10-15 times

#4 Quads – Elevated Heel Barbell Front Squat

  1. Place your heels on the weight plates
  2. Hold the barbell across the front of the shoulders with palms up
  3. Squat until thighs are parallel to floor

#5 Hamstrings – Barbell Straight Leg Deadlift

  1. Get a barbell
  2. Let it hang in front of you at arm’s length
  3. Bend your knees just slightly and then push your hips back
  4. Lower your torso until it is almost parallel with the floor
  5. Do 5 to 10 reps

#6 Triceps – Dumbbell Floor Press

Chest Exercise With Greater Triceps Load

  1. Lie on your back
  2. Take a pair of dumbbells and raise above the chest with your arms straight
  3. Feet should be flat and knees should be bent
  4. Lower your weights until your upper arms are touching the floor
  5. Do 10-15 reps

#7 Back – Dumbbell Chest Supported Row

  1. Set bench to its lowest incline
  2. Lie face down
  3. Hold the dumbbells one in each hand at arm’s length with palms up
  4. Row the weights to the ribs turning hands till palms are facing in
  5. Do 10 reps

#8 Glutes

  1. Sit on the floor
  2. Place your back against a bench. Your upper back should have contact
  3. Place a barbell across the hips
  4. Squeeze your glutes
  5. Raise your hips so the body is straight from the shoulders to the knees
  6. Hold 5 seconds
  7. Do 10 reps

#9 Calves

  1. Grab the dumbbell
  2. Stand on the step or you can use 1 25 pound plate
  3. Cross your left food so that it’s behind your right ankle
  4. Balance the ball off the right foot
  5. Now raise the right heel
  6. Do this 10 times and then switch to the other side.

These 9 exercises are a great way to stay in shape and look great. Firm and fit! If you want get the most out of your workout you should eat a healthy diet that contains the nutrients you need and you should use an HGH supplement like Sytropin, Genfx or Genf20 Plus, which can help your body produce more HGH and that in turn will help you develop more lean muscles and lose body fat.

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  1. Karl N says:

    I have been having problems with my shoulders; every time I pushed I got injured and it was not until I started doing a similar exercise to the ½ Kneeling Single Arm Bottoms Up Kettle-Bell Press that I managed to stabilize my shoulders. Great advice! thanks

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