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HGH Supplements Benefits

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5 Benefits of Taking Human Growth Hormone Supplements

Taking a human growth hormone supplement can offer you a number of benefits. Let’s quickly look at what some of those benefits are. They are significant enough for you to reconsider whether you should be taking a human growth hormone supplement.

#1 Increase Your Immune System’s Function

Bodybuilder Showing Back MusclesOur immune system peaks at puberty and then begins to slow down, which is why as we age we see many different diseases and conditions appear in the body. Doctor’s now acknowledge that HGH supplements can strengthen your immune system, repair damaged systems and help you to remain healthy.

Studies by Keith Kelley, M.D. along with many others, have shown that when you replenish HGH levels, our Immune System activities such as: the manufacture of new antibodies, increased production of T-cells and Interleukin2, proliferation and activity of disease fighting white blood cells, stimulation of bacteria fighting macrophages, increased maturation of neutrophils, increased erythropoiesis, and the production of new red blood cells, all increase and intensify.

The strengthened immune system may be the biggest benefit of all!

#2 Increase Your Energy and Endurance – Improve Your Performance and Recovery in Sports

This is the most obvious benefit associated with taking a human growth hormone supplement. You’ll notice significant benefits within 30-90 days after you start your HGH therapy. Increasing energy and endurance occurs because of the increase of HGH in the body.

#3 Increase Resistance to Physically Injuries

When the levels of HGH in the body return to normal levels your bones, tendons, and ligaments will be strengthened. HGH helps the body regenerate faster and become stronger. It is especially helpful in injury recovery from sports or other sources. Recent studies have shown that neurologic injuries are also less likely with amino acid supplementation.

#4 Reduce Fat Accumulation and Build Lean Muscle Mass

HGH does something that other weight loss regimens do not. It melts away body fat and builds muscle. Many of shed years of fat, especially belly fat. What’s really great, is that it will remove that deep belly fat that is responsible for increased risk of having a heart attack.

In a placebo controlled study at Thomas Hospital in London, the 24 adults with HGH deficiency, the hormone treated group had no net change in weight but they lost an average of 12.5 pounds of fat and gained an average of 12.1 pounds of lean body mass.

A study by Rudman on elderly men between age 60 and 81, found that after six months of treatment, the treated group gained an average of 8.8% in lean body mass and lost an average of 14.4% in fat mass.  The lean body mass included and increase in the bone density of the lumbar spine by 1.6% and the liver and spleen grew by 19% and 17% respectively.”

#5 Lower Blood Pressure

Taking an HGH supplement can improve cardiac function and lung function. HGH supplements have been known to reduce diastolic blood pressure by as much as 10 percent. Taking an HGH supplement will allow you to exercise for longer periods of time and that will help with weight loss, fitness, and blood pressure.

That’s just five reasons why you should consider taking an HGH supplement.

8 Responses to HGH Supplements Benefits

  1. Larry M says:

    HGH injections are the most powerful when it comes of getting the most benefits from HGH therapy. I think that if you suffer from HGH deficiency that is grave enough you should go see your doctor and get a prescription to real HGH injections.

  2. Marco says:

    Larry I agree with you but you need to understand that HGH is very expensive so really most people can’t afford it. So for the rest of us the only option that we have is to try to get our bodies to make more of our HGH and the only way to do that is through taking hgh supplements and lifestyle changes. By heavily working out, sleeping enough and doing some fasting our chances of raising our HGH levels increase dramatically.

  3. Emilio says:

    there are studies that do show that taking a supplement that contains the right combination of growth factors and amino acids can boost hgh production by quit a bit. here is video of dr oz talking about it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzxIlzmE1Gw

  4. Limaknick says:

    HGH itself is a hormone that is made up of bunch of amino acids so giving the body those nutrients does not surprise me that it can actually raise HGH productions.

  5. wes thomspon says:

    It sounds as if there isn’t any negative side effects to hgh, at least none that I have found. Your post makes it seems like the best stuff ever invented.

  6. Tim Thorne says:

    I wasn’t aware that taking human growth hormone supplements would lower blood pressure. In fact, I thought it had the exact opposite effect, which was worrisome because I already have elevated BP. Good to know!

  7. Mark Harris says:

    I have started using HGH as a fitness supplement. I have never used anything before, but as I get older it is getting more difficult to maintain both my energy levels and muscle mass. I know it’s a normal part of ageing, but if I can stave it off why not? Anyway, it is too soon to tell for sure if it is working but I feel much stronger. It could be psychological, but I’m sure it isn’t and it’s the HGH working it’s magic.

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