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Is Garcinia Cambogia Extract Really the Best Weight Loss Supplement?

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Garcinia Cambogia Review

There’s been a great deal of hype around the Garcinia Cambogia Extract. Even Dr. Oz has spent some time talking about it and he’s certainly not the only doctor to do so. Some are referring to Garcinia Cambogia as the “Holy Grail in Weight Loss.” But is it really? If you’ve read some of the controversy you might be wondering if this really is all it claims to be.?????????????????

Many of the critics say that the HCA or hydroxycitric acid, which is the extract from Garcinia Cambogia fruit say it causes so much weight loss that it is abused by those who are only looking for cosmetic weight loss. Those that are proponents of this nutrient are quick to claim that scientific studies have proven this extract to be both safe and effective and that banning it would be like banning vitamins. You can see that there is quite a bit of controversy over Garcinia Cambogia.

Recent Study of Garcinia Cambogia

A recent study involving 135 individuals given 1500 mg of Garcinia Cambogia were strictly monitored. The average loss was 15 pounds, 15 percent overall body fat and 10.5% body weight. No side effects were reported, which was very exciting. What was really surprising in this study is that the participants were told not to change their diet at all. That means they lost 15 pounds eating just like they did before starting the supplement and without exercising.

Researchers say that they have also found that when Garcinia Cambogia is taken that it reduces cravings for sweets and other foods that are in high in carbs. This is probably because of its effect on insulin and blood sugars.

Garcinia Cambogia in Need of Regulating

There has been some concern that Garcinia Cambogia should be regulated. Some doctors are concerned that it could cause too great a weight reduction and so it should not be available over the counter, but rather it should need a prescription so that doctors could monitor their patients and ensure the weight loss is healthy.

Weight-management experts and Norwegian researchers encourage the use of Garcinia Cambogia only by those individuals who are significantly overweight and should not be used by vanity seekers. It should also be used with healthy eating and regular exercise.

Is Garcinia Cambogia the Right Choice for Weight Loss?

It certainly is one choice. However, many believe there’s a better choice. That choice would be an HGH supplement? Why is an HGH supplement like GenF20 Plus, which has been properly tested, a better choice for weight loss than Garcinia Cambogia?

There are a number of reasons, but the main one is that an HGH supplement doe more than just help you lose weight. It will increase lean muscle mass, decrease body fat, especially belly fat, increase energy, improve libido, reduce the signs of aging, and much more. Garcinia Cambogia only helps you to lose weight.

But there’s more – an HGH supplement is made of all natural ingredients and amino acids that are used by the body to help the pituitary gland naturally increase its production of HGH. Why would you want to do this? Because HGH is natural to our body, but the trouble is by the time we are in our 30s the amount of HGH our body is producing is already on the decline and that leads to signs of ages that include weight gain. It makes way more sense to help the body naturally improve HGH production, which is at the base of weight gain, rather than taking a supplement that may work but doesn’t necessarily get to the root of the problem.

Garcinia Cambogia extracts likely work but HGH supplements such as Genf20, Genfx, Sytropin, and Hypergh 14x likely work far better and offers far more benefits.

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