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Rudman HGH Study – HGH Study Explored so We Can Understand

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What is the Rudman Study?

In 1990, the New England Journal of Medicine published a groundbreaking report on the research of Dr. Daniel Rudman. This report shook the medical community. This was a double blind HGH study that Dr. Rudman administered and it was closely monitored.

Who were the subjects in Rudman’s study?

Daily growth hormone injections were administered by Dr. Rudman to a group of men, who recorded the results. The men were between the ages of 61 and 81. Twelve men were selected and injected with HGH for 6 months. The subjects represented one-third of the population in this age bracket. The study included seven men as the control group to compare results. The test did not look at how HGH affects those who are younger than 60 years of age.

What did the Rudman Study Show?

  • 6 months of synthetic human growth hormone injections reversed aging.
  • In the group that did not receive the HGH injections the normal aging process occurs
  • Those who received the HGH injections saw incredible results:
    • Reduction in body fat of 14.4%
    • An increase in lean muscle mass of 8.8%
    • Skin increased in thickness
    • Improved bone density
    • Improved energy
    • Improved overall well-being

What Does the Rudman’s Study Imply?

The Rudman study has shown how HGH affects the health of men who are 61 years of age or older. The results from this study were positive and promising. The physical changes that were seen in this age group where positive but the study did not prove that there was an improvement to quality of life or longevity.

What Does the Rudman Study Tell Us About HGH

The Rudman Study shows that the lack of HGH is contributing factor in the loss of muscle mass and the increase of fat mass especially in the abdomen. When HGH is supplemented that lost HGH is replenished and as a result the study saw lean muscle mass increase, fat or decrease, a stronger lower back, improved blood pressure, and fasting glucose increases. It did not prove what the long term effects of using HGH were. It only confirmed that HGH affects we’ve discussed.

How Many Other HGH Studies are There?

To date, there have been numerous other HGH studies that look at its effect on women, young adults, and athletes. These studies have confirmed that HGH supplements can increase muscle strength and maximize oxygen uptake. They have shown there are no additional benefits when exercising. Therefore, while HGH produces numerous physical benefits it has shown it has not proven the function of these benefits is improved. There is a need for more studies.

What About Future Studies?

HGH studies are in their infancy. To date there are no studies on the long term effects of using HGH supplementation. Only a small percentage of the population have been tested on the effects of HGH on the human body. It is still not understood the effects of increasing IGF-I levels when people are sick. It is also not understood if the fat reduction and the muscle mass increase, and all the other effects of using HGH actually will improve a patients endurance and stamina.

Purchasing HGH Safely

When you are purchasing your HGH supplements, you need to be wary of claims that sound too good to be true, because they likely are. When purchasing HGH supplements it is very important that you seek out reputable brands and companies to ensure you enjoy the benefits that HGH supplements can offer. For more on HGH supplements click here!

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