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The Benefits of L-Ornithine

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L-Ornithine Facts

L-Ornithine is a non-protein amino acid, which means it isn’t used to create proteins. Ornithine is often incorrectly called ornithine, ornithine, ornthin, orthine, and orthin. This amino acid is transitional in the urea cycle. The delivery of L-Ornithine to the cells is the rate limiting step in the cycle.l-Ornithine

L-Ornithine binds with carbamoyl phosphate, a molecule that needs ammonia in order for it to be produced and converted into L-Citrulline. Urea is the by-product that’s created. Because of this, the change reduces ammonia concentrations in the blood while concurrently increasing urea.

Benefits of L-Ornithine

L-Ornithine is considered to be a powerful rejuvenator. It is the most potent of all the amino acids that have been studied relating to the stimulation and production of HGH from the pituitary gland. HGH is also a powerful rejuvenator that has the potential to reverse aging by as much as 20 years, and even stop the aging process completely.

Studies of L-Ornithine have revealed that it is able to regenerate the liver, heart tissue, thymus gland, immune system and also enhance muscle growth. Animal studies have been carried out at major research labs. These studies have found that L-Ornithine supplements can actually regrow the immune gland (major gland) in the upper chest to more youthful levels, giving the immune system a hefty boost. This can help the immune system to more effectively respond to viruses, tumor cells and bacteria while detoxifying your body of any ammonia deposits.

Other organs have also seen signs of re-growth under the influence of HGH – these include the liver, heart, skin, kidneys, and spleen. HGH is key in body sculpting, which is why bodybuilders like to use it. It can help to increase muscle mass.

L-Ornithine is believed to be important when conditions cause excess ammonia levels, which is usually clinical liver conditions or when there is lengthy cardio exercises. Two studies looked at prolonged exercise and the role of L-Ornithine in reducing ammonia and the studies showed there was in-fact an anti-fatigue effect.

In addition, reductions in self reported fatigue have been found in people with hepatic encephalopathy and in those suffering from a hangover from over consumption of alcohol, when it is taken prior to drinking.

One study paired L-Ornithine with L-Arginine and what it found was an improvement in the lean muscle mass as well as power output in bodybuilders/weightlifters. However, this study is older and to date it has not been replicated to confirm the results.

There is some study information that shows that the increase in HGH seen with L-Ornithine is similar to what is seen with L-Arginine. Ornithine seems to appear to have the ability to reduce ammonia concentrations found in the blood and therefore has the ability to improve performance when there is lengthy exercising that lasts more than 45 minutes.

When to Take L-Ornithine

Take your ornithine supplement at bedtime. This will aid in enhancing the natural release of HGH, which peaks about 90 minutes after you fall asleep. This can also help to improve your quality of sleep. If you want peak performance from your pituitary function, you can accomplish this, the natural way using GenF20 Plus, which contains L-Ornithine. GenF20 Plus is contains natural ingredients and amino acids to help the body produce more HGH naturally.

How to Take L-Ornithine

L-Ornithine supplements should be taken daily at 2-6 grams. Most of the studies have been using this range in dosages. When doses reach over 10 grams there is a chance you may develop intestinal distress.

L-Ornithine and Skeletal Muscle & Physical Performance

When ammonia accumulates in the muscles it causes muscular fatigue that in turn inhibits muscle protein contractility that generally will accumulate in the brain and serum while exercising. The feeling of fatigue occurs because of the accumulation in the brain.

After exhausting exercise that lasts at least 15 minutes, ammonia has been found at 100mg/kg L-Ornithine. As the length of exercise goes on at 2 hours with an 80 percent VO2 max the increase in ammonia serum is actually lessened. So more research is needed on this subject.

One study supported the theory that L-Ornithine can help with muscle mass. The study used 1 gram or 2 grams of L-Ornithine with equal amounts of L-Arginine in adult men. The study lasted 5 weeks and the men were involved in a strength training program designed to increase power and lean mass. The same study also revealed that there could be an anti-fatigue effect when there is prolonged exercise.

Safety of L-Ornithine Supplements

Ornithine uses the same intestinal transport as L-Arginine supplements. Because of that if you are taking large amounts of L-Ornithine it can cause diarrhea. 4-6 grams seldom causes side-effects.

L-Ornithine and GenF20 Plus HGH Supplement

HGH supplements, like Somatropinne and GenF20 Plus, have been proven to have many positive effects on the body such as reducing the signs of aging (even reversing them), reducing weight especially belly fat, and increasing lean muscle mass. With L-Ornithine in the formula, it complements the other amino acids and natural ingredients to maximize effectiveness, just as the other amino acids increase the effectiveness of L-Ornithine.

One could take an L-Ornithine supplement on its own and one might enjoy some of the benefits discussed, but a smarter more effective way to get the body you want is to take advantage of L-Ornithine where it is mixed with other ingredients that have been tried and tested to find the most effective way of delivering the benefits to the body. To Try Genf20 Plus click here!

5 Responses to The Benefits of L-Ornithine

  1. Michel A Woodbury says:

    Taurine increases HGH more than any amino acid. In controlled tolerability studies, a 60mg/kg dose produced a significant GH boost. I have used it to normalize low testosterone levels.

  2. Joe Petrashek says:

    Everybody that meets me cannot believe that I’m 61 years old. Most guess about 40. I have the L Arginine and L ornithine by my bedside. I have been taking it off and on for 30 years. I especially noticed that after a good workout with weights that day and then that evening taking the combo I would wake up in the morning feeling bulky. It was a big boost to my muscle building and fitness. This is the first time though, reading this article, that I have discovered the reason behind this fountain of youth that I have found so many years ago. I knew it would produce HGH, but I did not know that it would make me look younger and actually keep me young. My wife swears that I have a painting of myself in the attic like Dorian Gray did!

  3. Robin says:

    How much do you take? We are in our 50;s.

  4. Robin says:

    Which brand?

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