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Latest News Claims Pro Athletes Are Using Undetectable HGH Boosters

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In the past six months, it seems HGH boosters have been in the news a great deal more than usual. It has even been featured on Fox News, The Today Show, CNN, and in Muscle & Fitness and Shape magazines. Part of the reason that there is more coverage than normal is that there has been an increase in the number of athletes who are injecting HGH because they feel it will help them increase their lean muscle mass, improve their performance, and repair muscle damage.

Muscular CoupleThe real frenzy with HGH really started back in September 2012, when new research revealed that a natural HGH compound had the ability to increase serum blood HGH levels by a whopping 682%. This research was presented by some of the world’s most famous experts at the Obesity Society’s 30 Annual Scientific Meeting. It didn’t take long for this news to make headlines. It meant that finally after more than 30 years of research, there was now a way to increase HGH levels without having to inject HGH.

Now there is new controversy in competitive athletics. HGH injections have been banned from professional sports because of the advantage they are perceived as having. Testing is in place. That same testing is being used in many college sports programs as well. One example is the University of Miami, which recently tested all of their baseball players for HGH use.

The HGH substance in the recent studies was GF9 or Growth Factor 9 and it seems that this offers athletes a way that they can naturally increase their HGH levels without the worry of that increase triggering positive results on anti-doping tests. However, it seems using a natural substance like GF9 to raise HGH levels is still considered cheating by the officials.

“To call Growth Factor-9 a ‘cheat’ pill is ridiculous,” argues Gina Daines, spokesperson for Novex Biotech. “Think of it this way… Before Gatorade® became widely available; the electrolyte-rich drink was used to give Florida State athletes an advantage, especially on hot and humid days. Were they cheating? Or simply taking advantage of something the other team neglected to emphasize?”

It’s very obvious that HGH supplements containing GF9 are being used to boost HGH levels by athletes without the fear of failing a drug test or for being sanctioned for illegal HGH use. In fact, on December 12, 2012 a congressional hearing relating to testing in the NFL for hGH resulted in a discussion about this. Dr. Larry Bowers, who is the Chief Science Officer for the United States Anti-Doping Agency testified at the hearing, explaining that while “The body produces many forms of growth hormone in the pituitary gland,” synthetic HGH injections involve only one form, called 22kD. hGH tests work by flagging people who have abnormally high ratios of 22kD.

This is what makes GF9 different from banned synthetic HGH injections. It does not introduce a synthetic form of hGH into the body. GF9 is a dietary supplement that raises HGH levels by encouraging one’s pituitary gland to improve performance. What this means is that there will not be any abnormally high levels of 22kD, because the HGH increase is from the body’s pituitary gland, which is a natural source of HGH.

Regardless of which side of the controversy on the use of GF9 by professional athletics you’re on, one thing is certain GF9 is selling like mad, and other popular HGH supplements are also selling like crazy. What’s the catch? Well, you need to realize that using an HGH supplement like GF9 is not a magic bullet. It’s part of a program that includes eating right, working out, and taking an HGH supplement if you want to see results.

HGH supplements off plenty of benefits and unlike HGH injections, there are few side effects. They offer a way for the body to boost its own production of HGH and many believe if this is a solution that is good enough for professional athletes this is a solution that’s good enough for anyone looking to lose some body fat and gain some lean muscle mass.

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  1. paul says:

    I think it’s very wrong for pro athletes to use any kind of performance enhancers. They get paid very well and ticket prices keep going up, they can earn their money through sweat and hard work.

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